On the State of Stories, and the Like

Thank you all for the previous and continual support on The Prophecy Ark.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I’m going to switch gears and work on another story. As such, the first three chapters of The Prophecy Ark have been made private. It was written hastily, so I hope to not write this one so hastily and allow you to fully enjoy one of my stories. But do not fret…

Solemn Dirge is the name of this story, also the first in a few hopeful installments. It started around five or six years ago, and it has grown very differently from how it first began. It is the home of some of my most beloved characters — you may recognize them, as they had been ported over to The Prophecy Ark à la CLAMP.

Characters like Halcy Valentine, Apollo Dion, Adel Sadik — you won’t miss them in Solemn Dirge.

You can read more on its page here.

I shall focus on writing and editing before posting the first chapter, so please look forward to it when I finally release it.

The Prophecy Ark will not be halted forever. Only temporarily as I work on Solemn Dirge.

Thank you again for reading!